Advertise on Hotstar this IPL Season

About Vivo IPL 2019 Advertising

About Hotstar Advertising

Hotstar is the most popular digital and mobile entertainment platform in India. Owned by Star India, it has an extensive collection of the original content of channels under Star India as well as popular International movies and series. Also, Hotstar is the one-stop destination for watching live streaming of various popular sports events like the Indian Premier League, ICC Cricket World Cup, and ProKabbadi.

About IPL 2019 Advertising

Not only is IPL the biggest cricket event of the year in India but also the biggest opportunity for advertisers to stand out. From sponsorship to stadium activation to advertising on TV and Hotstar, IPL 2019 is undoubtedly going to be one of the major advertising seasons for brands. About 700 million people watched IPL 2018 with more than 200 million people watching it on Hotstar. And if trends are to be believed, this number would grow significantly in 2019.

Why advertise in Hotstar IPL 2019?

Advertising in Hotstar IPL 2019 is the best opportunity for both small and high budget advertisers for the following reasons:

  • A universe of 200+ million viewers: IPL 2018 witnessed 202 million viewers on Hotstar. This year this number is expected to be much higher.
  • Low barrier to entry: IPL Advertising has always been considered as a game meant for big-ticket advertisers. However, it’s going to change with IPL 2019 advertising rates which allow brands to start advertising at a starting package of INR 5 lakh.
  • Targeting available: Compared to the previous year when the same ad was served to everyone during live streaming of match, this year the mid-roll ads (ads played during the live game) can be targeted using available filters.
  • Integration: Advertising on Hotstar gives you an opportunity to integrate your product page on the platform making it possible for your audience to browse through your information without leaving the match.
  • Advertising to Engagement: Apart from the usual video ads during IPL 2019, brands can choose other advertising options like brand cards and games.
  • Opportunity to retarget the audience in non-IPL programs: The audience who have interacted with the ads during IPL 2019 can be retargeted while watching other programs on Hotstar.

Hotstar IPL 2019 Advertising Rates

IPL 2019 Advertising Rates offered by Hotstar is in terms of CPM (Cost Per 1000 Impressions). CPM is the cost of 1000 impressions i.e. total number of times the ad is played on the screen (one personal account). The ad rates for IPL 2019 are the lowest IPL ad rates till date. Advertisers can select only one of the available targeting filters. IPL 2019 ad rates would remain the same irrespective of the targeting filter selected.

Hotstar IPL 2019 Advertising Agency

Master Strokes Advertising Pvt Ltd is one of the very few preferred Hotstar IPL 2019 Advertising Agencies. IPL 2019 advertising rates mentioned on our site are the best rates. Apart from the guaranteed best rates, Master Strokes also specializes in media planning, on-time execution, and troubleshooting. Hence, be assured of a hassle-free advertising campaign on IPL 2019.

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